A new systemic lessons learned knowledge model – Syllk

Syllk model “IJPM paper (In Press, Corrected Proof)” now available wef: 6 August 2014

Developing a systemic lessons learned knowledge model for organisational learning through projects

…is now available on-line at International Journal of Project Management.

More information can be found at pmlessonslearned publications – IJPM 2014-2015 page.


Now working on the next research journal paper – Application of the Syllk model in an organisation using Story telling…

pmll blog update – SLLCK

Completed the Masters and now planning the start of the PhD journey. Many thanks to my followers and folk who have actively participated in the research journey. The PM Lessons Learned (systemic lessons learned and captured knowledge (SLLCK)) model has changed a lot…all will be revealed in August at PMOz 2012. Stay connected…

If you are following this blog, can I please ask that you change to my invictaprojects pmlessonslearned blog site.

Regards, Stephen